Water research

This is our small internetshop of the "World in a drop" water research by Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin, Regine C. Henschel and their water-research team in Stuttgart/Germany.

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Water has memory. And water stores information. Music, emotions, x-ray, mobile phones and much more extern influences have an impact on the structure of the water drop. We document this in our research and photograph these influences under the dark field microsope, which are normally invisible.

The research about the memory of water and the information in water are the questions, which have been the subject of Prof. Dr. Kroeplin's and Regine C. Henschels research team in Stuttgart/Germany for over fifteen years.

Employing image capture using dark field microscopy has allowed us to uncover an astonishing microcosm in water contained within the inner structure of this commonplace and seemingly familiar medium.

One of the most important discoveries made, was the fact that water is not just a solvent for substances such as minerals, enzymes and vitamins, but could in fact transfer information between the cells of an organism. Water “notes” the external influences that have acted upon it. Water has memory and stores information.

This is especially important to us humans, as water makes up around 70% of our bodies. External factors that we expose ourselves to, be it music, electromagnetic radiation or chemical substances, all have an impact on the water structure within our cells that can be seen under a microscope.

Our research is based on observed phenomena in the water and has a long way still to go. Over the years the subject has fascinated and attracted visual artists and scientists.

This fascinating themes inspired Prof. Dr. Bernd Kroeplin to combine forces and set up the “World in a Drop” exhibitions, providing the public with scientific insights as well as creative visions concerning the topic.

Since the first exhibition on the water research subject at the "EXPO 2000" in Hannover, the water project as well as the water drop research have both matured. New discoveries as well as the overall progress will be presented at different venues and lectures every year and at our website www.worldinadrop.com

We invite you to dive into our “The World in a Drop” and discover for yourself the secrets contained within water memory and water information.

Water research