Gallery, Poster + Cards

Gallery, Poster + Cards

Expressive water art works from nature

Large photo impressions

The “Acqua choreography” by Roberto Scafati in 2017 once again showed us how fantastic our research water drop photos look "in large".

The structures, arrangements, patterns and the inside of the water drops are fascinating. And they have such a diversity that they open up perspectives beyond the scientific point of view and stimulate reflection on man, nature and the cosmos.

They have their own power and expressiveness that moves.

You can be inspired by this power now: we have created large gallery pictures for you of water drops of the Lourdes spring, Tibetan water, holy water and the heart in a drop of water in a size of 100 x 70 cm as canvas pictures.

They are printed on canvas-like textured foil and mounted on a holukeil frame. Easy to hang on a nail at home. Each image is limited to 100 pieces and is signed and numbered on the front. A certificate with name, number and place of origin of the water droplet picture belongs to every small work of water art. The pictures arrive well packed and free of shipping costs in Germany (other shipping rates please contact us). Please allow a delivery time of 7 working days.



Joy for friends! Small works of art made of water are the meditative structure pictures of the drop images. And in their natural, untreated beauty we have transformed them into wonderful greeting cards.

High-quality printed as a fold-out card with padded matching envelope or as a postcard in glossy print: all postcard orders are delivered to you within Germany free of charge.

For friends rather than for greetings or to collect, the postcards and folding cards are a joy with water character.



We have printed four strong motives of our water research "World in an Drop" as high-quality posters on paper.

All 4 of them together as a small water exhibition or a poster alone as eye-catcher with worth considering content - you will always be the subject of discussion and discussion. This are the topics of the posters:

  • The effects of mobile radio on human saliva and water
  • The influence of X-rays on the dentist
  • The individual and his influence on water
  • The communication of different waters with each other

We send the posters carefully rolled, well packed and not folded, so that you can have them framed by yourself as you like.

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