Research Paper: Elektrosmog und lebendige Organismen (German translation)

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Research paper: Electrosmog und lebendige Organismen (German translation)

Do electromagnetic fields have an impact on living systems? Do we have a method to make them visible? We are living in the "Generation Smartphone" and use a worldwide information net with WLan, Hotspots, Wifi and so on. Therefor we find it important to re-publish our research paper about the electromagnetic impact on living systems. This electromagnetic radiation ist not visible for the human eyes. Nevertheless we found a method to detect and visualize them with our darkfield microsope. Clear Before-After-Slides about the impact of for example mobile phones, x-rax and ultrasound show the consequence in the structure of the water drops. This encourgaes us to find a more sensible handling with our communication technology.

23 pages, German edition, tacked welded in paper cover, Din A4.

Also available in English translation and also as an Ebook.

Bonus: 2 postcards about the impact of mobile phone on water for free!


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