Poster "Effect of mobile telephony on water, human blood and saliva"

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The impact of mobile radiation - Scene from the exhibition and the book "The world in a drop – memory of water"

Electromagnetic fields affect the fine structure of water in general and in particular the saliva and blood of man (the body water).

Therefore, the effect of a mobile telephone call to the change of the saliva can be recognized.

The action on the poster described consisted of a two-minute wordless call. In most cases, the structure of the image under the dark field microscope is rigid. The first two photo pairs from top to bottom show saliva of two different people before and after the mobile phone call, the third photo shows a drop of blood, the fourth shows water before and after exposure to a mobile phone call (right).

Posters in size 42 x 59,4 cm (DIN A 2 size), front with photo and small photo note, back blank with photo information.

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