Poster "The Communication of water"

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The communication of water - Scene from the exhibition and the book "The world in a drop - memory of water"

Do water communicate?

When located close to each other on the glass slide water drops may achieve a certain condition of “resonance”, even if they do not touch each other.

If drops do not meet this condition of “resonance”, so no interaction takes place.

The photographs show from top to bottom: "Berlin-water" from a former lignite mine near Lübbenau (surrounded by a "crystal fence").

"Berlin-water" and a drop of the Ganges water next to each other without interaction.

"Berlin-water" and an essence: the "crystal-fence" in the water opens despite distance.

"Berlin-water" and a drop from a fountain of the Westerwald: a strong interaction up to the mutual exchange of water drops.

The "Berlin-water" comes from a former coal mine near Lübbenau. It is considered "dead" water, because neither plants nor fish live in it. The Ganges water is of the Holy Ganges.

Poster in size 42 x 59,4 cm (DIN A2 size), front with photo and photo note, back blank with photo information.

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