Book "The Glory of water" - by Lagerfeld

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The Glory of water, Daguerreotypes
Karl Lagerfeld

112 photos, 115 pages, cloth binding,
in silver colored slipcase made from cardboard
Steidl Verlag, Göttingen/Germany
Artikel-Nr.: KL1
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Karl Lagerfeld is not only a creative and marvellous designer for Brands like Fendi, Chanel and Dior. He is also a 'thirsty for knowledge' book lover with a huge library, a sensible aesthete and photographing observer. All these qualities are combined in this book about Roman fountains, which inspired Lagerfeld through their beauty and art.

"Each Roman fountain bears witness to human experience. The origins, the locations and the elements of beauty of different centuries are something we can learn a lot from. Fountains play an important role in the history of Rome. (....) Water also represents physical pleasure. Here, it is linked with history, art and beauty", Lagerfeld writes in his precious art book.

On 115 (not numbered) pages Karl Lagerfeld documents his famous and hidden Roman fountains - photographed in the black-and-white-style of the historical Daguerreotypes.

Names and places of the fountains are not written, this information is for Lagerfeld not so important. He is not a painstaking documentalist. His photographs invite to consider meditative the antique fountains and the nymphes, the waterspouts, gargoyles, silent gods or talking springs.

This is a coffee-table-book for a philosophical view, an emphasised thinking and for contemplation. Out of our fast and noisy times into the beauty of the Eternal City. All roads lead to Rome. 

A valuable art book, cloth binding, in silver colored slipcase made from cardboard, 31 x 32,5 cm, new in foil.

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