The World in a Drop

The Ability of Water Functioning as Memory and Mirror - The memory of water

How do external circumstances affect internal, human processes in the body? Mobile phones, stress or music and emotions like love? What are the seven secrets of water? And are there perhaps even more...?

If we always remember that our body is composed of up to 70% water in our cells and organs, we are aware of the importance of this element for our wellbeing and body activities.

Here you can order the results of our exciting water research with our books "World in a drop" and "Water and its Memory", water reports, postcards and exhibition posters directly and comfortably. Also from your own favorite water you can get an individual drop photo made in our lab: we offer this special photo opportunity under the dark field microscope.

Water has memory - Enjoy and "dive" - whenever you want - into our secret "world in a drop" and be affected by the wonderful water photos of our water exhibitions as well as the accumulated knowledge from the lectures, water books and papers. More books and information will follow.