Your individual water drop photo

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Your own water drop photo and your water drop research

What does my drinking water look like? Like the water of my favorite lake? Or like the water from the jug with jewels? Grander water? Colloidal water? And and and….

By popular demand and wish, we now offer our photo opportunities for your own water samples. Send us your water as a sample in a small glass bottle (max. 0,1 l) by mail as a parcel and we keep the phenomenological moment fixed of your water under the dark field microscope for you as photo.

  • Photographing your water in our laboratory
  • Creating a jpg file and sending it to you
  • BONUS: Creating an Din A3 poster in our printing factory
  • Free Shipping of the poster to you (by mail worldwide)

Posters in size 29,7 x 42 cm (DIN A3 size), front with photo note, back blank with photo information.

Please ask by email, wether we have time for the study or are busy with other obligations like lectures and other water research studies.



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